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BaquaSpa Products

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If you want the best spa experience BaquaSpa is what you have been looking for. No more chlorine or bromine smells and no more itchy skin from high chlorine or bromine levels.
BaquaSpa Products
BaquaSpa Three Pack Image

BaquaSpa Three Pack
Waterline Control, Oxidizer and Sanitizer all in one


BaquaSpa Waterline Control Image

BaquaSpa Waterline Control
32 oz. Bottle of Waterline Control, Product #1

BaquaSpa Oxidizer Image

BaquaSpa Oxidizer
32 oz. Bottle of Oxidizer, Product #2


BaquaSpa Oxidizer 2 Pack Image

BaquaSpa Oxidizer 2 Pack
2 Pack of 32 oz. Bottles of Oxidizer, Product #2

BaquaSpa Sanitizer and Scale Control Image

BaquaSpa Sanitizer and Scale Control
16 oz. Bottle of Sanitizer, Product #3


BaquaSpa Metal Control Image

BaquaSpa Metal Control
16 oz. Bottle of BaquaSpa Metal Control

BaquaSpa Water Clarifier Image

BaquaSpa Water Clarifier
16 oz. Bottle of BaquaSpa Water Clarifier

BaquaSpa Test Strips Image

BaquaSpa Test Strips
25 Pack of BaquaSpa Test Strips